Let’s grow the future of asphalt.

At Colorbiotics, our soybean-based science is changing the asphalt industry just as much as it changes the molecules inside recycled asphalt. But having the best science in the business only makes a difference if we have the best people, too.


Put all that RAP to work.

The soybean-based science of Invigorate® Additive is changing the asphalt industry just as much as it changes the molecules inside asphalt.

Attack aged binder at the molecular level.

Invigorate Additive uses soybean-based science to trigger chemical reactions inside RAP and create unprecedented improvements in its molecular makeup.

Choose green chemistry.

With this all-natural additive, you can make pavement that’s good for the planet and even better for your bottom line.

Do more with mix design.

Now, you can take RAP content beyond the 50% threshold and still beat binder specifications like PG and ΔTc.

Win that contract.

Low bid? Best value? Win either way when you have a sustainable mix that’s more durable and doesn’t cost as much to make.

See the science

Introducing Invigorate Topical:

This all-new surface treatment of Invigorate’s soybean-based science is engineered for unprecedented penetration of aging pavement. 

Naturally good. Scientifically better.

With more than 25 years of experience at the forefront of science and sustainability, our asphalt solutions are the latest breakthroughs to emerge from our ever-growing investment in R&D.
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