Better binder, molecule by molecule.

Invigorate combats the chemistry of brittle binder with a molecular precision that’s proven to fortify flexibility in the final mix. In other words, it’s simply smarter than other asphalt rejuvenators.

Behind the science.

One of the leading asphalt researchers explains how Invigorate restores the flexibility pavement needs to handle heavier loads for longer periods of time.

Beneath the surface.

Invigorate uses patented technology to transform recycled material from the inside out.

Step 1: Take any old RAP.

The standard rejuvenator only offers superficial changes in viscosity, but Invigorate triggers chemical reactions inside RAP to attack aged elements.

Step 2: Remake molecules.

The soybean-based science breaks down asphaltene aggregation and reverses the effects of oxidation to restore balance to the chemical composition.

Step 3: Fortify flexibility.

The result is a softer binder that looks entirely new under the microscope — and can stand up to standard specifications across the country.

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