Give old roads new life in no time. 

Invigorate Topical is a waterborne, spray-applied version of our soybean-based science that extends the service life of aging pavements with minimal traffic disruption. 

Behind the science.

Invigorate Topical is formulated with micron-sized particles to penetrate the entire top inch of pavement. That’s 4x deeper than other surface treatments.

Beneath the surface.

Invigorate Topical’s unprecedented depth of penetration is made possible by the unprecedented size of our particles. Basically, we can make them small enough to navigate the pore structure of the pavement — and nobody else can.

Step 1:

When Invigorate Topical is applied to the pavement, the micron-sized particles within the treatment activate to drive the absorption process.

Step 2:

The micron-sized particles readily travel through the skeleton of the surface course, and into the pore structure of the pavement. This is when the surface tension-based design of the emulsion finally breaks.

Step 3:

The micron-sized particles are engineered to seek out damaged sites on asphalt molecules. Once attached, the two create a reaction that reverses the effects of aging and oxidation.

Let’s talk.

Questions about the chemistry? We’ll get in touch to give you all the details.